Adopt Your Highway

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In May of 2009 we had an event called "Taking Back the Highways".  There had been many deaths-especially of youth on the highway in this area.  We felt led to walk and pray seventy miles with many churches that participated.  We prayed on highway 95 just outside of Cambridge to highway 25 at the exit to Foley.  We also prayer walked highway 169 from Elk River to Milaca.  

This effort was one of the last things that David was able to accomplish before his death.  Since then there was a time where there was far less fatalities on this road.  Now there has be a resurgence. Recently there has been several deaths.   The enemy is up to its old tricks.  We can stop this as the prayer of a saint availeth much.  We must put on our armor and fight the good fight of faith.

If you would be willing to pray for a piece of the highway please sign up (below) .  Two people can sign up together, or maybe a Bible Study group, Women's group, Youth group or a church.  I would like to make sure all parts are covered. You don't necessarily need to walk it.  Maybe you drive a section each day.   I am starting on highway 95 and 169 but would like to see the entire city, county, state and maybe the whole US.  

We could have a highway of holiness-where people actually are safe.  Maybe even healings and miracles could happen there.  The possibilities are endless. 
Cindy Pohlkamp,
Oct 21, 2013, 7:05 PM