How to Get Started


How to get started on your involvement with the event.


Step 1 - is to identify your team leadership.  If you don’t think you have the leadership skills, think again.  We are looking for people who are 1) passionate about this event, 2) are willing to follow directions and 3) are able to complete tasks on time.


Step 2 - is to pass the word around.  Being recruiting all your church or organization friends by telling about the event.  If in a church, see if you can get your pastor to make an announcement.  Post flyers in your church or organization, if possible make announcement using email.


Step 3 - have the people who are interested complete the “Registration” form (can be printed from this website), including the Waiver and turn them into you with their registration fee.


Step 4 - start attending the planning meetings (they are every other Monday) which listed in the events calendar.


Step 5 - after you have collected most of the registration, either mail or deliver to Second Coming Ministries.


Step 6 - is to identify your team prayer leader, team worship leader (does not require any music skills, just ability to play CD on portable CD player) and team drivers.  If you have anyone for whatever reason, that can’t walk, they can be part of our base camp prayer team.


This will get you started; more instruction will be added later.  If you have question email us at