About Us

Rev. David F. Pohlkamp

Rev. Cynthia L. Pohlkamp

2005 graduates of Christ for the Nations, David and Cindy are licensed and ordained ministers with Christ for the Nations Fellowship of Ministers and Churchs.  They are the co-founders of Second Coming Ministries (2CM) and were on assignment functioning as missionaries in Princeton Minnesota USA area.  David began to have pains in his chest wall and after some time it was determined he had mesothelioma.  He died January 29, 2009.

After a time of grief and rest Cindy is now leading Sabbath meetings  Saturday at Princeton Community Church in Princeton, MN.  We are a Hebrew Roots congregation.  We celebrate God's feasts and follow the Torah.  We also have a Thursday morming prayer meeting and present several conferences during the year.  

Cindy is also the prayer coordinator for the Minnesota Apostolic Network. The vision as always is to reach the city and county for Yeshua. Her passion is to awaken the body of Christ to the Hebrew Roots of our faith.  She is  also is available to come teach your group about the Feasts of the Lord.